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The mind is everything. What you think you become.

Discovering Your Inner Buddha
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          -The Mindful Employee; An active workshop focused on the effects of mindfulness on productivity, communication, imagination, and self care. Guided meditations as well as focused movements, stretching, and other forms of self expression are utilized to take your team to the next level. A mindful, positive work environment enhances productivity and encourages team members  to be supportive of one another and stretch their minds to a global level.


A Meditation Exercise Courtesy of Nolan W.

Start by finding a way to sit that suits your individual body in the most comfortable way for you. This could be kneeling, or on your bottom with your legs crossed, but make sure that your hips are above your butt bones to prevent numbness in your legs. Gently rock back and forth and find yourself settled. Comfort is key.

Now begin to bring your attention to your breath. Notice your ribs expanding with every inhalation, and start to let go of attachment to any one breath. Your job is not to hold your breath, but instead to let each breath come naturally and mindfully. Your mind body will breathe without you having to instruct it to, but noticing and counting each exhale will help you focus on your breath and drop any mental noise that's getting in the way of a sense of calm and peace.

Feel your body from the crown of your head to where your base touches the floor, and begin to bring a sense of mindfulness to how your breath feels as it travels through the entirety of your being. Wake up every cell in your body with the introduction of each new breath.

Find a sense of calm. Be still both physically and mentally. Your job is not to stop your mind from thinking, but to start to corral any racing thoughts that might be affecting your ability to focus on your breath. Keep bringing awareness back to your breath. If you have a thought that keeps popping up, let it pop up and then pop like a balloon. You are in control of this process.

Mindfulness is the ability to master popping these thought balloons and returning to a focus on one's breath. You have this ability already, now it's a matter of taking the time and doing the work.

Breathe. Go back to the expression of the breath through the ribs. Feel the oxygen as it travels through your nostrils, the cooling sensation, the life that it's giving you. Let go of any tension. Focusing on your forehead first. Let go. Your eyebrows. Let go. Your jaw. Let go. Your throat, swallow and let go of anything that's being held in your airway.

Feel the spaces that you don't typically think about. The space behind your eyes, that dark space that obviously exists, but is rarely acknowledged.   



We're an ambitious group of coaches and consultants providing therapeutic services, often in a natural setting. Experience healing and health through meditation, massage, yoga and fitness training. Join our network of integral, therapeutic activities.

Saturdays, 2-3:30 pm.

For public transport: Meet at Glen station BART by 2pm to walk with others on the Greenway trail to Glen Canyon Park.

For those driving:
Meet by 2:15 at the Recreation Center area.

Hiking or walking based on fitness level goes until 3:15, at which time people can gather by the Recreation Center to chat about their journey with others.

Drop in Rock Climbing at Glen Canyon Park Recreation Center
$10 add-on by credit card to Park & Rec

Alternative weather plan: Gather at Cuppa in downtown Glen Park

A membership, offering at least 4 events every month, is currently $49.95 per person.

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